Choose 3 correct statements?

9.Choose 3 correct statements

A.The thickest collagen fibers are primarily built from collagen type 1 molecules.

B.Reticular fibers are characteristic fibers of cell-rich connective tissues.

C.Reticular fibers are invisible following HE staining.


D.Collagen type IV in the basal lamina is produced by fibroblasts.

E.Elastic fibers are weakly eosinophilic following HE staining.

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    A) is CORRECT as type 1 collagen forms thicker fibres forming skin tendo organs bones etc. 

    B) is +/- because cell-rich connective tissues (loose) such as in liver bone marrow and organs are formed from 3 things > collagenous reticular and elastic fibers. 

    C) is CORRECT because they are not really stained with HE, you use PAS reaction for it but poorly vs invisible?

    D) Fibroblasts make tropocollagen - so im gunna go with not correct.

    E) This is CORRECT as we use Verhoeffs stain to stain elastic fibres not HE as HE does not visualise it. 

    These questions are worded quite badly but using my logic if there are only "3 correct" then AC are 100% correct. 

    B MAY be correct and E may also be correct. But I would go for E so: "A"C"E"

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