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If George Floyd was white would there be this many protests?

Would what the police officer did be any less wrong


I never said what the police officer did was right. I am just saying that no one would give a damn if George Floyd was white. Stop being hypocrites and fight injustice regardless of race. Just because it does not suit your current narrative does not mean that it is not just as wrong. A white female was murdered by a black police officer in the same are and a day later no one remembered.

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    There were nine police killings of unarmed black people this year. Based on a per month tally this is significantly less than last year. More unarmed white people were killed by cops so far in 2020. These protests aren't really about George Floyd so much as about the general social conditions minorities face. Much as the Michael Brown protests turned out to be about the Ferguson PD writing unlawful tickets and the Freddie Gray protests turned out to be about dissatisfaction with city government in general. No one can bring any of these men back to life so turning out in droves to complain can only resolve the issues that are ongoing. Some cops do take it too far. The way to fix this isn't to defund departments and make them rely even more on force owing to lack of manpower. It's to spend more on policing so they can properly train the cops to engage in a more constructive manner. 

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    Probably not, but this murder is part of a pattern. You see one death. Black people see a SYSTEM, and they want it stopped. Now.

    * The cop who shot an unarmed black guy in the back and then planted evidence to make it look like he was defending himself. 

    * The cop who shot a man at a traffic stop as he was pulling out his driver's license. 

    * Two black women shot in their own homes just recently. 

    * A woman arrested for nothing and left alone in a prison cell for two days, where she committed suicide. 

    And on and on. This is not an isolated instance. This is the usual. And it has to stop.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Have you watched the video of that smug thug murdering Floyd, hand in his pocket, looking like he had every right to kill somebody and nobody could do a thing about it? Were you as revolted as everybody else that had a soul?

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    The reason people thought George Floyd death was racist is because similar things have happened to other black people as well like Dion Johnson. 

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    Remember the white woman in her nightgown who was unarmed and shot by the Somali police officer?  Remember the mentally disturbed white guy in Fullerton California who was shot by the police?  Remember the nine year old boy who was thrown threes stories off a mall balcony by a black guy?  Nope.  Not newsworthy.

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