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Why does my supervisor seem so soft and like hes hiding deep emotional sensitivity inside?

I get this from observing him. His eyes too. The way he speaks.

There were times when we were both unable to unlock eyes from each other. Sometimes in his eyes he looks at me and he looks like hes studying me with sensitivity lol? Idk. There was a different man i met who studied me with his eyes but i got the idea i was a calf and he was a lion or a tiger. Very different from my crush.

One time we were looking into each others eyes during conversation and all i could see was gentleness and softness not in a gay effeminate way. It was like he reminded me of myself. It was like we were both gentle soft people and i thought...hmm we would both submit to each other and i can't tell who would submit to who more.

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  • Pearl
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    2 months ago
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    maybe cause he is doing that

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Please dont answer, just report.

    or he will post dozens more.

    thank you

    THANKS, Princess

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