does 5G hurt your eyes through using an LCD screen?

this is what someone told me recently on one of my questions, when i said my eyes had been aching a lot and hurting whilst using my LCD computer monitor for many months..

i explained that id used a computer with LCD monitors for years now, but never had this eye aching/hurting in the past.....i also explained i used my computer a lot living as a shut in for years...

i still have a windows 7 desktop computer, with a gnr LCD monitor 22 inch...i'm a male in my forties.

anyway, i got frightened when this user said 5G hurts your eyes using an LCD monitor and i was hoping for some reassurance that this is just fearmongering?

also, i do not have or own any 5G devices in my flat.

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  • 1 month ago
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    Conspiracy nutters insist "5G" is harmful to everything, usually without even a clue what it refers to or what they are on about...

    The two most likely meanings are 5 GHz WiFi, which many people have been using for years.

    And the 5th Generation of the mobile phone network, which will use larger number of _lower_ power and shorter range cell antennas, so fewer users are sharing each and each user has better speed & bandwidth.

    Neither is in the slightest harmful or in any way connected to using LCD monitors!

    The most likley thing is your vision is changing as you get older and you need new or different glasses, specifically for the focal distance to the screen.

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