Should I propose sooner?

Ever though I've known my gf since childhood, we started dating in 2017. We were HS sophomores at the time.

She wants to continue waiting till we get married. I'm not really in a rush for marriage right now but will do it for her if that's what she wants. Then I would be taking her v-card while being a virgin myself too.

I also find myself thinking about sex more often. I wouldn't mind if we had sex in our relationship. I'll still remain with her but she wants that in marriage. So should I propose soon? 

1 Answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    Only propose and make wedding plans if you're feeling emotionally prepared for marriage.  If you're not, it's probably a bad idea to get engaged.  

    We all need to be emotionally prepared for marriage, as well as financially prepared. 

    If your engagement is all about getting to have sex, that's the wrong reason.  Totally

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