Please justify the answer with explanation?

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  • sepia
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    5 months ago
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     RectangleABCD has vertices A(4, 5), B(0, 2), and C(6, -6). 

     What are the coordinates of vertex D? 

     Justify the answer with an explanation.

     The answer is E. (2, - 9)

      x and y coordinates of A and B differ by 4 and 3 respectively.

      Subtracting these from the x and y coordinates of C 

      gives the coordinate of point D.

  • Philip
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    5 months ago

    Consider ln L through C(6,-6) // to BA. Slope BA = (5-2)/(4-0) =(3/4). Suppose D(x,y)

    is the 4th vertice. We would then require slope DC = slope BA = (3/4) = (-6-y)/(6-x).

    Then -6-y = 3 & 6-x = 4, ie., x = 2 & y = -9. Then D = (2,-9). For D' = (10,-3) we can also demonstrate that D' is a legitimate location for the 4th vertice. Instead of going

    from C  4 to the left & down 3 getting to D(2,-9), we can go 4 to the right  & up 3

    getting to D'(10,-3). Comparing slopes involving D with slopes involving D' we can

    prove that rectangles ABCD and ABCD' are both legitimate rectangles.  

  • 5 months ago

    You know how a rectangle looks. From B to A is 4 right and 3 up so from C to D will be 4 right and 3 up.

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