I pushed my ex away?

He called me 4 days ago, told me he’s still in love with me, we talked for like 3 hrs, then I asked him to tell me he didn’t mean it and to sever all hope so that I can move on. He texted me at 2am saying “I have to talk to you tomorrow, I’ll call you” and “what time would you prefer” I think he’s gonna say that he doesn’t love me, I can’t sleep. I’m shaking with anxiety. He’s gonna say it isn’t he?

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  • Barry
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    4 weeks ago
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    Oh dear. You constructed this ridiculous situation now you want sympathy. If you spoke for 3 hours there must be some connection. There's nothing wrong with talking. It enables you to make decisions. So stay cool and talk it through with him. He's obviously keen so unless he's a total bastard give him a chance.

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