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Is there a way to anonymously ask an employer if they drug test for weed?

The job I am looking at drug tests but I'm unsure if they care about weed. I am in California so it's legal but I know you can still get denied a job for it. It's just a retail job but they seem like they may be strict from what I've seen.

My only idea is to send an email (not from my email address), but I feel like that looks weird and they would answer saying they do even if they didn't.

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    Even sending an email isn't anonymous. If they wanted to they could see the ip address you sent the email from. And find the location of the ip address. I am guessing even if you did email them they probably wouldn't answer.

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    Anonymously: NO.

    If they don't know who to give the answer to, they won't bother answering.

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    Just ask them.  They don't do the tests.  Those are done in a clinic setting.  If they aren't going to hire you for it, then don't waste your time with them, because they likely test at random throughout your employment.

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    There's a simple solution to this: stop smoking for a while. Yes, employers can still turn you down. They don't want to hire someone who's going to be too stoned to show up for work. 

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    5 months ago

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