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Does this mean I’ve gained 19 dollars...? (Acorns)?

My acorns account says +19 dollars give or take. What I’m confused about is does that mean overalll that’s the money I have gained? Or if I lost 30 dollars a few months ago, does that mean now I’ve gained 19 of that back so I’m still on the hole 11 dollars? Or is it saying overall that is the amount I’ve gained? I’m trying to understand it better but It’s confusing to me. Thanks! 


Btw no I don’t have a ton of money in acorns (or at all in general), but because I am currently so unknowledgable about investing I figured it’s best to start with a small amount to use to teach myself. 

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    Your plus or minus is based on the original cost.  If today’s value is $11 less than your investment you are on the minus side until your value exceeds your original investment.  When your worth is beyond your investment you will be profitable.

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      Oh ok, so I have actually made a total of 20 dollars then...That’s great. I usually just make like ten cents here and there on my small amounts.
       I’m considering moving more money into acorns while it’s growing so much. I’ve never had any luck before with it til now. Thanks for the answer! 

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