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Titanium hair straightener heat damage? Advice ?

I am mixed race and have Afro hair and had been using a ghd for 10+ years. When my latest one broke I decided to get a titanium straightener instead of a ceramic one as I could never get my hair bone straight with the ghd. After using my new titanium straighteners for the first time my hair looked gorgeous it was the straightest I had ever seen it, and I only had to do one pass on each section! After the third time using it and then washing my hair I noticed some of my curls were staying straight at the end, I wasn’t really too concerned so I straightened it again. Now the next time I used it and washed my hair I was shocked. All the ends of my hair are straight and frizzy and will not curl. I know it’s heat damage but it’s never happened to me before is there any way to fix it or will I have to get it chopped off? Thanks 

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  • If you have to use heat styling tools of any kind, apply a heat protector to your hair first. Damaged curly hair doesn't curl, I damaged my ends with bleach and it's curly now it goes flat if I don't style it. 

    There isn't really a way to fix the damage. You can try things that are supposed to repair your hair or protein treatments (also some anti frizz products for the frizz), but the best way to get rid of damaged hair is to trim it off. 

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