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i have multiple sores in mouth that won’t seem to heal? ?

For months now, i’ve had these canker sores in mouth that won’t seem to go away. i’m scared it could be oral cancer. i’m 22 years old and never smoked or did chewing tobacco. i even tried some canker sore gel to try to clear them up and it seems to not be working. i went to the doctor and she told me it didn’t look like anything serious. i have a sore on the back of my inner cheek and one of my upper gum, one of my tongue, and one on my inner lip. none of them are healing! can someone please tell me what it could be? thanks! i just don’t understand why they are healing and i’m scared! thanks!

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    It could be a sensitivity to something you are eating, like citrus.  Do some experimenting with your diet.  You might also rinse your mouth with a saltwater solution, or a hydrogen peroxide solution (not full strength).

  • kelvin
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    you still don't have or ever had cancer

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