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Read a naruto fanfic awhile ago and cant remember the name?

I cant remember much but i do remember that it was a naruto x harem with him being strong but slightly chaotic/crazy but not in an evil more of he just really like destroying things and causing people to have massive headaches and one of the most memorable scenes near the end he was supposed to be on a mission with kakashi,sakura and Sasuke but he sends a clone and goes and basically i think destroys a town having a party i think he ends up being captured and put in either a cage or tied up and then rolled/dragged through town as hes raving like a madman saying weird threats like i think one was he was going to eat their babys or something and as soon as he passes sarutobi in the street he stops turns normal and tells him he got him the tobacco he likes and hands it to him and then turns back to raving pretty sure he even turns to his capturer and asks where he was in his rant he continuesand im pretty sure its a relatively older store some where from 2009 or so to 2014 i think i know it was completed and was over 100k


Its only in this category because not sure where else to put it so please no trolling about it

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