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Libra is ruled by Pallas/Athena?

Libra is a masculine sign! Libra woman tend to be tomboyish and manly

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  • Janet
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    Almost NO astrologers use the asteroids.  A few do, mainly to sell books to other astrologers. Websites are more about making money than about offering valid services. By including asteroids, not only do they appear more "thorough" than other sites, but they are more likely to overload you with too much information and thereby you are more likely to BUY their computer-generated reports.

    Libra is a masculine sign.  Yes. But in astrology, the terms "masculine" and "feminine" have nothing to do with gender behaviors. 

    "Masculine" means extroverted, and both men and women can be extroverted.

    "Feminine" means introverted, and both men and women can be introverted.

    Libra is not a sign generallly associated with being tomboyish and manly. 

    Since Libra IS ruled by Venus, it is a Sign which endeavours to maintain balance ... externally, internally, and socially.

    Since it is a Cardinal Sign, it recognizes opportunities and foucses on getting things done. But is not very flexible (Mutable) nor very good at hanging in there or persisting (Fixed).

    Since it is an Air Sign, its priority is on trying to be logical and objective, rather than emotion.

    But EVERYONE has Libra SOMEWHERE in their unique birth chart.  We all have some degree of influence from Libra energy and behavior styles.  What ever House has Libra on it, that is the area of life in which we act Libran. And if you have one of your 10 planets in Libra, then the influence of Libra on you is even stronger.

    When you call someone A Sign, found by looking up their month-day of birth, ALL you find is their Sun sign .. jsut 2% of their entire chart.

    Find out the EXACT minute and time you were born, and go to any site that does free birthcharts and do up YOUR birthchart. If not .... then stop tyring to use astrology.

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Masculine in astrology means extroverted lol and it is ruled by Venus. You sound bitter. 

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