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my budgie is biting? she never has before... ?

I've had my female budgie for about 1 year now and she has never bitten me! I am scared that she is sick or has a problem... Just today she has bit me twice and has attacked two of my other birds. Sometimes she sits on her perch or on the cage with her wings slightly popping out. Her cere is brown and crusty and she is often fluffing up her feathers. Luckily no blood has been shed when she bites but it's only a second of biting then she lets go. She's eating a little more food than she often does and was randomly climbing around one side of the cage. If anyone can help me it will be appreciated! (she is the one on the black cage)

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  • 1 month ago

    Sounds like nesting behaviour.

    • cera1 month agoReport

      Thanks, we bought a bigger cage the same day I posted this so we could fit a nesting box at the bottom. Just wondering if I should put the box on the outside but so she could enter from the inside? I'm new to having my birds breed x

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  • Raven
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    1 month ago

    I see you have other keets with her. Are any of them males? Do you see any of the males preening her and/or feeding her? Are the 2 she attacked females? If her cere is brown and rough looking, that shows she's ready to breed. My guess is that's what's upsetting her. Even if you have no males, one thing you may want to do is put a nest box in or attached to the outside of her cage so she can get into it. She may be broody, and want to lay eggs. If you do this however, be sure she has plenty of cuttlebone and crushed oystershell available at all times so she won't deplete the calcium in her body while laying eggs. If you have no male the eggs will be infertile of course, but let her sit on the full clutch until she gets tired of it. Be aware though that if you have other females, they may covet that nest box and there could be fights.

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    • cera1 month agoReport

      two of the budgies one she fought and one she sits by but doesn't interact with them fight each other a lot and the last one he stays away from her. So if she is pregnant we have it narrowed down to two of them. Thank you for helping me by the way! 

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