Fasting, fever, holding your breath and releasing and EKG result.?

I did my EKG last year for my company. No one told me I was going to do an EKG test. I was fasting and praying when I did my test. I would breathe in, hold my breath, and release it. I was over stress, and so I thought I was reducing tension during my EKG test. The result is

HR is 81 (Lead II). R-R is (ms) 740. P is 100, PR is 189. QRS 119. P/R/T is 68/70/45. QT is 327.

The guy who took the test asked me to see my doctor. I called in, and the hospital said they don't see any physical sign of cardio issues and that I should go to the guy who took my test. I went to another clinic to show my EKG result, and they also said they could not refer me and that I should go to the nurse who took my EKG. It's been a year now. I want a second test to confirm if the result is accurate, but it seems the hospital refuses to use my old EKG test result

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  • Tavy
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    4 weeks ago

    What are you on about. If the test was not normal you would have refered for treatment.

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