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How are the foreigners behaving in Bangkok?


especially western people from America?

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    The ones who are here are causing no problems at all.  You see some Brits and Germans trying to violate the mask and distance rules even some do stupid things like having drug parties with the virus still around.  But of course, there are few here now just waiting until flights start so they can go back home or cross borders to renew visas.  But for the most part, things are quite.

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    Thailand gets tons of bad publicity about the way foreigners are treated, but there are two sides to each story. General advice on behaviour. twiddling my thumbs . Losing your temper there, albeit well deserved, is losing face.

  • hihi!
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    2 months ago

    people are people. some are overdrinking. some are riding elephants. some visit the royal palace. some hire underage prostitutes. some enjoy the sights and food. some are sensible; others wild. some get by, others get arrested. every day is a new day.

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