Does this sound like GERD?

I have been dealing with these medical issues for four months now, I have had a CAT scan, EKG, and chest x-rays. Also blood troponin test, and a D dimer test. I have shortness of breath every single day, all day long. Some days I cough all day long, shortness of breath, and feeling as if there is a lump in my throat. My dr just got me medicine for GERD, omeprazole last week. I’ve been taking it every day with no signs of improvement. I’m afraid it could be something with my heart, narrowing aorta or heart failure. The drs don’t seem to think so because I have have “swollen feet”

Today I have been short of breath, all day, a constant cough, lump in my throat feeling and sometimes difficulties swallowing my own saliva.

1 Answer

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