pls recommend books and tv series?

please recommend some good high concept fictional books or shows. maybe something like Siddhartha by herman hesse. I really enjoyed that book. I also really took interest in the show Bojack Horseman and the many concepts strategically placed in it. Even adventure time as well, i was mostly interested in the back story of marceline and simon more than anything else. I really love it when authors can take meaningful stories and/or concept and create interesting fictional overlays to portray said stories or concepts in order to portray them.  

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    5 months ago
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    Jonathan Livingston Seagull;

    The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari;

    The Great Divorce;

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance;

    The Path of the Higher Self;

    Youth:  Creators of the Future;

    Notes from Underground;



    A Dweller on Two Planets;

    Autobiography of a Yogi;

    Animal Farm;


    Adventures of Alice in Wonderland;

    Hidden Camera by Zivkovic;

    The Prophet;

    The Little Prince;

    Man's Search for Meaning;

    The Power of Now.

  • Infinite Jest should keep you busy for a while.

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