Blues Guitarists.  Favourite Tuning?

Which do you prefer Open E, D or G, or can you suggest another and why is this your preferred one?


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  • Danny
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    2 months ago
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    Slam dunk here for standard E, for the most versatile, especially when jamming or sitting in with others. For a guitar that's prepped for 'slide, then a drop-D, or even double-drop-D, but solo or when with one's regular band. Some 'alt tunings are sweet for some stuff, but seems to me you can't do it all that way. 

    When the guys on stage wanna rip into something in Bflat, if you're in 'standard, you should know where to go. If in drop-whatever, by the time you figure out where that (and the IV and V) is, the train done left.

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    Source(s): Chasing Freddie King since 1965.
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