why am i constantly getting these chest pains and these throat clearing symptoms?

i am 18 year old female to male transgender who doesn't smoke, i used to bind my chest with a binder, rather unhealthily in the past, but have not been wearing it because of my situation. recently i have been getting constant, random, stabbing pains along my chest, sides, and back, but now they have accelerated into pain in my chest and back when deeply inhaling only. i have a problem where after i eat foods i will often come into a fit of continuous coughing and throat clearing. i quite often have post nasal drip, and the mucus from my throat is always yellow. i also have slight wheezing when i first lay down to go to bed at night. this has been happening to me for years now, anyone have any idea whats going on? also please don't tell me that i should be getting medical help instead of asking online, i have no insurance and currently cannot afford to go see a doctor.

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