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Does a single allergy shot help with allergies?

I went to the doctor for allergies and she ended up giving me a steroid shot to treat the allergies. I was expecting to get better medication. Does one shot improve anything? She said it’d take a few hours to a day to kick in. I thought shots are for long term. 

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    You will need more than one shot depending on the severe of the allergy.

    Your doctor can better recommend

  • k w
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    2 months ago

    nope, my neighbor got the shots and they did nothing......I didn't have allergies at the time, but I did get them later on...and one of my co-workers told me it was milk, I went into denial for 20yrs then once I read an article on hormones and dairy, I finally got the notion to give up milk, it took 30 days to notice the allergies fade in intensity, and 90 days to be rid of them all together....[ notmilk dot com ] will tell you all about it, doctors won't tell you either, they just want your money, you'll be surprised at all the related diseases connected to milk, ...lots of things work like that, commerce is everywhere.....

  • 2 months ago

    1 steroid shot can last days depending on what it is-there are several preparations/types of steroids. They are not long term treatment, more for acute symptoms

  • 2 months ago

    These medication may suppress the symptoms but does not erase the cause; they rather weaken the immune system and make you easy to catch a disease. Do GAPS diet and detox from glyphosate. 

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