IYO, Who are the greatest NFL offensive players of the 21st century (so far)?

Who are the greatest NFL offensive players of the in each NFL teams?

Here's my list:

Arizona: Larry Fitzgerald

Atlanta: Julio Jones

Baltimore: Jonathan Ogden

Buffalo: Eric Moulds

Carolina: Steve Smith Sr.

Chicago: Olin Kreutz

Cincinnati: A.J. Green

Cleveland: Joe Thomas

Dallas: Tyron Smith

Denver: Demaryius Thomas

Detroit: Calvin Johnson

Green Bay: Aaron Rodgers

Houston: Andre Johnson

Indianapolis: Peyton Manning

Jacksonville: Maurice Jones-Drew

Kansas City: Tony Gonzalez

L.A. Chargers: LaDainian Tomlinson

L.A. Rams: Torry Holt

Las Vegas: Rich Gannon

Miami: Jake Long

Minnesota: Adrian Peterson

New England: Tom Brady

New Orleans: Drew Brees

N.Y. Giants: Eli Manning

N.Y. Jets: Kevin Mawae

Philadelphia: LeSean McCoy

Pittsburgh: Antonio Brown

San Francisco: Terrell Owens

Seattle: Walter Jones

Tampa Bay: Mike Evans

Tennessee: Steve McNair

Washington: Trent Williams

What do you think?


Offense like Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Sometimes Fullbacks, Wide Receivers, Tight Ends, and Offensive Linemen

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