Mild burning in lungs following day after taking deep breath during exercise?

I have experienced this before but only now have I decided to seek answers about it.

Yesterday, I was working out (HIIT and muscle training). I was short of breath, naturally, and then decided to take a deep breath. Because I was struggling to catch my breath, it felt more like a full breath that was located in my lungs rather than a deep lower-belly breath (if that makes any sense). Anyways, there was a light burning sensation after I did that. It's been a day and it still is mildly uncomfortable when I breathe out.It's not severe enough to talk to a doctor about, and the simple solution is to just not take deep breaths like that during intense exercise. But I'm very curious if anyone has ideas on why I'm feeling that or if anyone else has experiences something similar? The discomfort is in the top middle section of my chest and it's definitely internal, like my lungs are uncomfortable. The feeling is similar to when I'm working out really hard and I haven't in a while, and as a result my lungs burn mildly. However, I can be sitting like I am right now and feel a less-intense version of that burning, especially the deeper breath I take, all because I took a deep breath yesterday during exercise.Thoughts?

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