Am I just being paranoid ?

I got into a relationship with this guy we've been together 4 months now he was in a relationship before me (another woman) and they were together for around 4 months he told me the relationship was toxic she cheated on him twice and got him into a lot debt anyway he said in one of there "breaks" he slept with a man like over 2 years ago and I asked him did he like it then and he said he can't see himself ever doing it again and he doesn't look at men and think sexual but I'm paranoid is he bisexual? Am I a cover up if he's gay? Was he just experimenting? 

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  • 1 month ago

    It sounds like he was just experimenting. The fact that he told you about it probably means he’s being truthful. A lot of men experiment in their youth but don’t feel anything emotional. I think he is with you because he liked you. I wouldn’t worry 

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