Why is the undercut still so popular with men 18-35 yrs old?  It's an ugly hairstyle!?

Honest!  I must have been the only guy in the 10s(2010s i mean, not 100 years ago)aged 18-35 Not having an undercut at a single point, I have always had medium hair!  It was only 2010 when they started shaving their undersides so of course its nothing new but why the sam hill has it become so popular and in fashion?  It's not even the 10s its the 20s come up with something new please no more raider haircuts!  Why else do the commonwealth's criminals look that way?

The undercut has been the defacto man haircut for way too long, I miss the long haired Prince Charmings!  It is the hairstyle of guys who are normal, policemen, Playstation gamers(not me!), online video game custom characters(not me!), pirates, vampires, humanoid aliens, superheroes, zombies, soldiers, zoo employees, Disney theme park goers/employees, ad models, werewolves, beast slayers, mutants, teachers, bikers, wrestlers, basketball players, football players, boxers, ninjas, samurais(even them?  thats the damnest thing i seen), Spaniards(Spanish guys are supposed to be sexy), Mexicans(Mexican guys are supposed to be sexy), cowboys, modern indians, etc.

What men Don't have undercuts other than just Me?  I'm like the only sexy prince-type guy on Earth anymore!


Annoymous=Youre right, but you could do it at home since barbers are closed due to the stupid coronavirus thing i wish would stop.  And I also see some guys with afros and mohawks saying "I want an undercut but mom says no!".

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    1 month ago
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    It's reminiscent of the medieval christian monk look. And you see it defined by the early 1900s (I'm not going to mention where). It's not really a new thing.

    I used to have long hair (past my shoulders) and I'll never go back to it, unercutting is so much more comfortable. It's driving me crazy right now because barbers by me are still under lock down. I really want it cut.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    As a girl the undercut isn't an especially bad hairstyle. Long hair on guys is ugly though

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