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My fish has a red bump on his lip?

Its not part of his body, and I just now noticed this, Ive looked it up, and the number one result was Enteric Red Mouth disease, but this disease only spreads through contact with eggsor other fish, an he has lived alone for over two years, so it cant be that.

Some additional information, he is a Golden Shiner, which is a fish used as bait, we caught him ourselves by accident in a pond, and I am adding how we got them because there is a chance it could be scar tissure of some kind from the hook, though I am not sure, and Id rather not have him die.

We also have a cat, so there is a chance he could have been injured by said cat, but I doubt it, due to the fact that the only entrance to his tank is the filter hole thing, which is too thin for my cat to properly reach in.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    its like algae..they have stuff you put in the water for it

    • ??? What is algea, the red bump itself? I dont know, it could be some form of bacteria, but it looks more lke some sort of infected bump.

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