What is the role of humans in energy flow with regards to the food, water, health or waste.?

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    2 months ago

    Role?? Fish-humans are food (when they take all property on surface, and they attack, time to be cleaned - do you see other solution??).


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    what does this mean? what energy flow? 

    Any of the items has a long complicated many-branched energy flow, and humans have some influence in each. To go into each in detail would require much more space than this forum provides. 

    To do just one briefly, water (for drinking) is pumped from wells or reservoirs mostly, via electrical pumps, which get their electricity from various means, coal, oil, sunlight, etc. Human's role in this is mostly in controlling those pumps via various controllers and computers. 

    Food is much more complicated, as sunlight causes plants to grow, with humans planting the plants and harvesting them with gas operated machinery or by hand. Some plants are eaten directly, some used to feed animals that are later eaten. There is energy used for the harvesting, for the growing, for the transportation, etc.

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