Do you know a phone that can do this? ?

I need help finding a phone that will let me access it as the main user, allowing certain apps and access to be blocked for the guest user. Also, the main user is the only one who can access the main account to control these decisions using a password. 

I've only found one phone with this accessibility and it was a Straight Talk phone that they unfortunately no longer sell it and it was exactly what I need. 

Does anyone know if there's another phone that has the same features? 

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  • 1 month ago

    The functionality is available on many android phones. It is built into Android but some manufacturers remove it (Samsung). It is probably easiest to check a phone you are interested to see if it is there, but the Pixels will have it.

    • Dev1 month agoReport

      A google pixel? We used to have a phone that you could put the password in and access the main account, allowing the account holder to manage what apps and access was available to the guest account. It was a small smart phone sold by straight talk! I wish I could find it again or something like it! 

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