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Who is better qualified to say if it's appropriate to invoke the Insurrection Act?

(1) Mark Esper who served in the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles before becoming Secretary of the Army and later US Secretary of Defense

(2) Donald Trump who literally lied his way out of military service.

(let me be clear, Esper has done and said some moronic things on other topics, so this is extremely situation-specific)


butts predictably fails to read the question about "qualified"

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    well, any other choice  would have gotten my vote...........

    Pee Wee Herman,    Rosie O' Donnell,   my cat. ........that empty chair.......

    because it sure as friggin' hell isn't  Donald  Trump. 

    The man has zero clue was his actual powers actually are. 

    He apparently thinks he's  THANOS, and owns an Infinity Gaunlet.......

    but he doesn't have any of the stones.!!!

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    The Commander in Chief, who is invested with the authority to do it.

    Please note that President Trump didn't express any desire to do so, but claimed he would if state governors continued to fail to protect citizens from rioters.


    Predictably, the coward anonymous poster doesn't have the intelligence to recognize the fact that the national guard, when deployed, is under orders from the governors.  The same governors who failed to stop the riots, looting and arson.  That means the governors doing that are either incompetent or they support the assault on law and order.

    President Trump threatened them with that if they didn't take decisive action.

    Go study your navel some more for great liberal insights.

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