a. 20 m (on platform) b. 16 m (bottom of swing) c. 18 m (lets go of trapeze) d. 9 m (halfway to ground)?

A man on a flying trapeze stands on a platform 20m above the ground, holding the trapeze. The trapeze is 10 m long and is attached to the roof 26m above the surface of the ground. The man swings down, and lets go of the trapeze on the upswing. He has a mass of 60 kg. Calculate his potential energy relative to the ground at the following heights: 

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    PE = m*g*h = 60kg * 9.8m/s² * h = 588N * h

    a) h = 20 m; PE = 11760 J

    which ought to be rounded to 12000 J owing to the data

    (or maybe even 10000 J!)

    b) h = 16 m; PE = 9408 J

    c) h = 18 m; PE = 10584 J

    d) h = 9 m; PE = 5292 J

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  • 1 month ago

    I can't read that crap all spread out.  ... and there are no following heights.

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