If I have a positives ovulation test after taking plan B does that mean it didn’t work?

I had sex on a Sunday 11:30 am est. my partner came in me, and then realized later that I was in my “fertile period” of my cycle. I took plan B (the single dose) after about 62 hours. I was worried about the ovulation situation as I read that it only works to stop ovulation or delay it. So I went and bought testing strips and about 8 hours after taking the plan b (and getting sick/throwing up after I took it) my ovulation test came back positive. I will text tomorrow as well. I am concerned because I thought plan b stops the ovulation process so thought the ovulation should be negative. I have bought a pregnancy test and will test in two weeks, but my main question is, if my ovulation test is positive after taking Plan B, does that mean it didn’t work? 

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    You cant stop ovulation by taking the plan B pill.

    Learn how ovulation works first. 

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