(Dragonball) How old was Broly's dad when Broly was born?

Vegeta was in his 60s in Dragonball GT and he doesn't have any gray hair. If Paragus was in his 60s in the DBS Broly movie, he shouldn't have gray hair too. Since Saiyan age slower than Human does. So he must be nearing his hundreds while Broly is in his 40s.... Broly is a 40 year old virgin?.... But that's okay, he's about to get some from that green alien chick Cheelai. Then there is Goku at the end of GT where it's been like 100 years pass since he left with Shenlong. Can't say why Goku doesn't have gray hair at that age if Paragus has gray hair in his 80s-90s. It could be the result of the Dragonballs entering his body which made him age even more slower.

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