Best way(s) to learn the Korean language?

What materials and methods would you recommend to an absolute beginner?

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  • Zirp
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    4 weeks ago

    Absolute beginner as in never spoke anything else than English?

    In that case I recommend learning an "easy" language to some fluency first, so you don't get demotivated before knowing the joy of speaking a foreign language. Korean is considered super-challenging for Anglos, "2200 hours of class".

    Easiest language with more than a million users is Esperanto ("150 hours"), next in line for native speakers of English ("600 hrs of class") are Dutch, Afrikaans, Frisian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian, Romanian

    If you want to spend time in Europe, German ("750 hrs") is an option too.

    How to learn: take classes if you can (even if just on youtube), watch movies with good subtitles, read books with the help of a good dictionary. If you need to look up dozens of words per page, find something easier to read

    Once you've advanced, listen to spoken books or spoken radio.

    Pick material you find funny or interesting so it doesn't feel like a chore

    Source(s): Dutch, speaking German, English, French and Esperanto
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