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How do people of metropolis know Superman  is invincible do not know of Kryptonite?

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    In those continuities where Kryptonite is unknown you mean...because it's not everywhere.

    They've seen him take bullets, explosions, super-punches, etc and be unhurt.  Why would anyone assume that some random mineral from his homeworld exists on Earth, doesn't harm humans, and yet strips him of his powers and slowly kills him?  If anything, his species should have evolved in the presence of minerals on his world and he'd be MORE likely to be resistant to their effects.  Obviously no guarantee here...we didn't evolve in the presence of high concentrations of Uranium and so are not radiation resistant.  But the idea that a mineral from his homeworld is the one thing that can hurt him doesn't make a ton of makes STORY sense, but not science sense.

    Further, the idea that a chunk of his homeworld made it to Earth makes no sense unless it hitched a ride on his (or someone else's) spaceship.  That exploding matter, even if it were moving at the speed of light (which it would not be anywhere near) it would take many hundreds of years to get here...and the odds of it being on the perfect trajectory for our solar system, much less our planet is beyond unlikely.

    So it would make perfect sense that they wouldn't know about K until it's used PUBLICLY.  And in Superman I, it's used against Superman in private.  The better question is how Luthor would have figured out that this stuff would work.  It makes no sense to assume that something that doesn't harm us would harm an invincible alien.

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