A girl in class praises me a lot,helps me a lot.She looks me from her bus into my house.Always says I am handsome. ?

When some one tells bad about me she say dont say like that,He is the good boy in the class.On her birthday she asked wishes from me and I wished,then i got sweats like everyone got.Then she asked me take one more sweet. Then she said she likes me most in the tution class. She once said whenever she feels to smile she will look at me. The oppurtunity of phone call came to inform the tution time.she informed me 3 times by calling my number. But I never called back to inform the same.She became sad over that.she told I called you 3 times,no more calls to you.She also said you called other guys,why dont you call me? what she is upto. Is she wanted to call me just to know the class time or something else?

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  • 1 month ago

    She likes you. Is that really so hard for you to understand? She made it very obvious.

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