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Underwater Demolition Medal?

So I was given a necklace from my dad that used to be my pops. He used to be part of Seal Team 2 and has always worn a necklace from his service. He past a few years back and I wanted to learn some history about his necklace. It has “Underwater” on the top and “Demolition” on the bottom. In the middle (it’s a circle medal) has two whales, a circle that has two wing/mountain like shapes holding it up. Beneath that is a parachute with wings on each side. I’d love to know it’s meaning and manufacturing date. If any more details are needed I hopefully can provide them. 


Correction... the “whales” are actually sharks! Sorry about that!

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    change to military category. this one will be easy for them. especially if you have a pic.

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      Okay! Thank you!

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