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is he toxic?

so im pretty chill with the guys and stuff, especially when texting, but i dont flirt and when guys hit me up, most like the way i text, but i started talking to this guy that i at first thought was super nice and pretty cute, but then he started constantly criticizing my texting style and calling me dry and distant, even though the only time i left him on read was when he reacted to my story in a offensive way. he likes to play games like leaving me on delivered for no reason in the middle of a convo or having his friends DM me and then leave me on read once i replied to them. he constantly calls me distant but the only couple of times that i was a little late replying was because of our time zone difference.

The ONE time that i called him out on it he said a bunch of rude things and then said: "im just saying what everyone else is thinking woman"

is this dude toxic and should i drop him or am i just overreacting?

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    When you have complaints no way journey will be long !

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