How to bridge 2 routers?

I have two of the exact same routers (Arris  NVG468MQ) and I'm wondering how I can bridge them with same SSID so it can support many devices? I have 500/500 Mbps FiOS internet but seems one router can't support and constantly dropping speed.

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  • BigE
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    1 month ago

    You aren't bridging, you want to change one (the one without the internet) into an access point.  google "converting a router to an access point".  Essentially, configure the wifi, turn off dhcp/firewall/routing and plug in lan to lan.  Personally, I'd advertise a different SSID so you can test until you can get the config right, then change it to the same as your old one. 

    Don't use the term "bridge".  That term has 2 meanings, and don't apply here.

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  • 1 month ago

    Enable DHCP on R1 connected to modem with range to

    Disable Dhcp on R2.

    Configure ip address on then LAN of R2, no hosts will use this IP anyway, it is just a placeholder as some routers require it.

    Connect R1 and R2 by ethernet cable using any of the LAN ports, not WAN, because we need to switch between them, we don't want to route.

    If you try to connect your pc to R2 wifi, the pc will broadcast DHCP request, R2 will ignore the request, but as it is broadcast it will go through the cable to R1, then R1 DHCP will respond with IP address and default gateway

    Make sure no VLANs are blocking the switching path between R1 and R2

    • Matthew1 month agoReport

      Thanks for your response. When I try to assign DHCP, it gave me an error saying "Address must be on network ("
      Default is at -

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