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Ex girlfriend and a dog ?

I broke up with my girl about a month ago. She moved to her mom house while I still had the dog staying with me. She wanted the dog with her but here mom doesn’t want the dog in her house. I was leaving for work on a Friday morning and she asked if I could leave the key so she could check on the dog so I told her that it’s impossible for me to do that. We had an argument and things was getting physical before we broke up.  

 She was physically abusive and toxic so I put her stuffs out after she hits me so what makes her think that I would give her the key. So now, she was calling and texting my family n her friends that I was holding the dog on hostage playing the victims, and wishing death upon me. N I got mad n told her that ur u said ur mom don’t want the dog n why were u lying saying that I don’t want u to have the dog. 

A months later she called me and asked if I could help her keep the dog for weeks pending the time she finds an apartment for herself. Am I wrong for not taking the dog back? I just don’t want to deal with her because it’s just too much going on 


Sorry but her mom finally welcomed the dog into her house after a mi the later, she asked if if could keep the dog pending the time she gets an apartment. I told her I cannot 

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    You are smart to walk AWAY.  Dogs is settled & it is HER problem.  Do not let her use the dog as an "ruse" to have contact w/ you.  She seems to THRIVE on DRAMA.

    The dog is HER responsibility.  Her mother can KEEP the dog, while she LOOKS for an apartment, or she can board it at vet's or doggie day care.  Block all further phone calls.  Unfriend her & drop {kick} ALL contact.  

    She seems dangerous & unstable.  If she approaches you or comes by your work - get a restraining order.  

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    The words Ex girlfriend  say all....

    Her dog her problem ...

    I.m.h.o. You should tell her to sling her hook elsewhere therefore in all honesty...

    The opposite sex are a lot like buses, ( There´s  always another one just around the corner )

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    Tell her to shove off.  She abandoned the dog.  Its your dog now. 

    Or you can tell her to get the dog NOW, or take it to the shelter and tell her to claim the dog there.

       Tell her to stop messaging you or your family or you will press charges for harrassment

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    Reading through all this - the BOTTOM LINE surely is who is the dog going to be best with in terms of being able to be there for THE DOG?

    Forget about you guys and your personal problems..... this should ALL be about the dog.   And in fact he may well be better off with a new loving and settled family.  JMO

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    I would tell her she is welcome to arrange to collect the dog now. She can choose to not collect the dog now, in which case she is either conceeding ownership and it i 's now your dog OR she can request you to board her dog for a suitable fee. Look up boarding fees in your area.

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      That is fair. Then she has the choice of collecting it or being classed as having abandoned it.

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