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Injury - pain after a year?

It’s been almost a year since my injury. I was  sorta sleepwalking when I accidentally leaned forward and flipped down the stairs (there were about 3 somersaults. On the third one, I tried to brace myself with my hands and I heard a 3 really loud snaps from one of my fingers. Soon as it happened, I endured throbbing pain and wasn’t able to move my finger(I have a very high pain tolerance) Unfortunately I didn’t get it treated properly(but I did apply ice and heat, however they were little help)bc my parents never took it seriously. The pain lasted for more than a month and gradually subsided with only some pain left, however also with a decreased ROM(I can’t bend it completely) Now, after almost a year, the pain had been coming back and worsening and is affecting some of my daily activities-could a bone still be broken? Or are there any other reasons? Could I still get it treated? 


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