Looking for a manga!!!?

It’s a manga about a girl who doesn’t enjoy sex because it hurts her. Her boyfriend gets mad and hits her and kicks her out. She lives in with a guy who wants to do her make up. I believe he’s also in a gang at school. I can’t remember. It’s a short manga but I can’t remember the name. 

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  • Joanne
    Lv 4
    4 weeks ago

    No.  Manga isn't my specialty (sorry!!!), but I love stories of taboo forbidden romance. 

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    • Joanne
      Lv 4
      4 weeks agoReport

      Finally - https://lazy-sister-revenge.blogspot.com (not romantic; brother vs. nasty sister) and https://snow-white-sister.blogspot.com (sister misses childhood love of her brother and rekindles it) and https://pixie-ginger-sister.blogspot.com (ginger siblings discover they're meant for each other). 

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