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Could I be pregnant ?

I usually start my periods on the 30-31 of the month but so far I am 2-3 days late. I had sex on the 28th, way after my ovulation so it’s impossible. But I’ve been experiencing tender breasts, more sore than usual. Headaches, and my stomach has been cramping up as well as gas which I usually get when I start my period but there is no sign of blood or my period wanting to start. I know sperm lives in the vagina for up to 5 days but we used the pull out method on the 28th. Any thoughts? 


I know if I take a test it’s not going to be accurate due to the low level of HCG detection in my urine. 

Update 2:

To add, I’ve also been stressed out lately and sleeping late at nights I’m not sure if that could play a role in why I’m late. I’m usually never late and always start on the 30th 

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