What year did the Iroc Z Camaro start using electric power windows? ?

So I'm getting an 88 Chey Camaro, and I seen some interior photos of it before making my decision.. Anyway, in one of the photos, on the passenger door I seen a manual window crank, and I told myself "I'm sure in 1988 they had powered windows" so I've been confused ever since... It also has a hardtop instead of T Tops. So what year is it truly? Can someone help? 

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    Power windows on Camaro's have been available since 1973. 

    The 1988 IROC-Z came with either power or manual windows. The power window option code was 'A31' and cost $210.

    Also, The 1988 IROC-Z came as a hardtop or convertible.

    • Pat F85
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      T-tops were not a factory option, aftermarket  only.

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