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I get good grades but it's hard to physically go to school (high school)?

I'm a pretty smart kid -not only can I say that because I know my IQ, but also because I barely put any effort into school and still get straight A's- but I find it extremely challenging to actually go to school. There aren't any apparent reasons why I cannot find the mental strength to go to class (e.g. bullying or particularly bad teachers) but I just can't.

Why? What should I do?

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    3 weeks ago

    I can relate to this. I have an extremely poor attendance record, mostly due to being sick, although during school online, I didn't miss a single day. I get good grades.

    Is it because you aren't feeling challenged enough? I was thinking about this too, and realised maybe that was the reason. Are you bored at school? Do you finish work early?

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