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Do people of Metropolis know about Kryptonite in any Superman continuity?


In Superman Returns they looked puzzled why Superman feel to Earth with free garments coming out of him.

Update 2:

Green rocks pieces coming out of him

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    The world at large is aware of the weakness in the main comics, due to Superman being open about his Kryptonian identity to gain their trust.

    The Justice League have tried collecting Kryptonite around the world before they are used for nefarious purposes. Batman and Lex Luthor both have vaults with Kryptonite, though Superman gave Batman a sample in case he goes rogue.

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    Yes.  In the Arrowverse, Kryptonite was initially unknown to the public, or so it seemed based on the fact that in Supergirl 1x01, Kara doesn't know what it is.  However by season 2 it is part of a public court case, and since then the Arrowverse has had numerous people make jokes or references about it who would not be 'in the know'.  This includes people in Central City...of Earth-1, where there are no known Kryptonians.  Yeah, the Arrowverse is REALLY sloppily written.  But I think we can safely assume that the people of Metropolis know too.

    I also believe that it's pretty well known in the actual comics as well.

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