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Job very vague about salary advice ?

I applied for a position it is a brand new department in an office that they are starting up. I’ve been selected for a 2nd interview. The hiring manager had some requests for me 

1. I’m being asked to write a 3 page essay on any topic related to business and finance. 

2nd they want me to conduct a 45 minute presentation on any relevant financial issue in the media I would then be presenting my PowerPoint to a group of managers in the office. 

3rd they want me to complete a 2 hour skills assessment 

4th they want me to review an employees financial plan document for an investor and make any changes I see necessary 

This seems like A LOT of work. I’ve got a week to complete it all tasks. 

I emailed HR to obtain further information on salary. The women in HR was very vague. She told me the salary range is between 40-49K depending upon experience. I’ve lived in this area before and it’s not cheap. I’d have to make at minimum 49K to live and that’s at a MINIMUM. I’ve had 3 other offers that I’ve turned down just because they didn’t feel right. 2 jobs offered me 49K the other offered me 55K. These were also in locations where the cost of living was cheaper then the area where this job I applied to is. 

Currently I only make 36K HOWEVER where I live now the average 1BR apartment runs you about 700.00 so it’s comparable to the cost of living.

Should I continue on with the process? 

It just seems like a ton of work that’s going to take up a tremendous amount of time. Thoughts? 

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  • Judy
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    1 month ago
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    I'd just withdraw my application unless it was for a VERY high level job, and it sounds mid-level.  For that, what they're asking is excssive. 

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  • 1 month ago

    If you are not going to accept the job anyway, then there's no point to continuing.

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  • hrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrtrt

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  • Don G
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    1 month ago

    A ton of work that could lead to an important position. The requests made by the hiring manager are not geared to routine positions, but rather to the top 10%. This could be the chance of a life time.

    • alexa4 weeks agoReport

      If SOMEONE and simple somtting try

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