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Why did taking the bird my cat caught and setting it free make my cat sad?

My cat caught a bird and brought it inside and I immediately caught it and set it free. But since then she’s been acting sad and not as hyper as she usually is. It’s making me really concerned 

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    Usually when a cat catches some thing like a bird or a mouse, they like to leave it as a 'gift' to their owner. She was exited to catch it for you, but you took that away from her. Don't be too concerned, jut let your cat be a cat. If it wants to catch a bird or mouse once in a while let it. It's mother natures way of saying, what's meant to be is meant to be. My cat catches mice and birds all the time. But he doesn't get what he's supposed to do with a bird. He often sets them free by himself 😮. 

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      Aw okay thank you so much. I just felt bad for the birdie or else I would’ve let her take it away

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