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I dreamt I was suppose to help be a chef for a rich yaht, but ended up being humiliated?

There was this roast to cook to serve eeveryone and I had to cut the meat. So I went to get her knives and ork with a friend who seemed jealous of me in charge. After I finally gathered the correct tools,I was calling myself gordon Ramsey all happy just making jokes in a brittish accent.  I asked where the roast was. He said we threw it out, then waited for my reaction. I said why?? Theres people to feed! And was about to yell making a scene, until he said just kidding, and everyone was already being  served. He had it cut already by machine instead of fresh cuts on a huge tray. So then he says "can I talk to you in private". I said yeah. He then embarrasses me talking like a boss saying I need you to grab a dish and start serving these people and help clean up finished plates now. I then was reduced to a servent bus boy thinking no one would tip me now because I showed up after the first round of service gs, and I seemed like I was goofing off. He walked away before I could protest I was told to cut the roast myself. I also struggled because his way was tiny plates with cuts and cheese. My idea was a huge buffet plate people can get themselves, or be served from.

What did this all mean?

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