what should I use to fill in these cracks in my plaster walls?

they are both spider-web looking cracks and long straight ones in different areas. Acrylic caulk or drywall plaster?


is there a specifc pimer I need to use when I repaint?

1 Answer

  • gerald
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    These sound like joint cracks the studding the dry wall is fixed to they shouldnt if done correctly , you can use filler paint the cracks with a PVA diluted with a little water use a scraper to push the filler into the cracks after  wipe it flat with the scraper , you can sand them off with a medium sandpaper , if necessary go over any again when sanded and cleaned to fill any thing missed you can use your normal primer the PVA will seal the cracks hopefully forever it's a glue 

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