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Plumbing problem  ?

Ok so when I use my upstairs rest room my sink down stairs overflow. Now I have had about 3 plumber came to fixed this problem so far, 2 of them did the Snake thing and it was All good for some time but then problem started again. So the 3rd guy that came told me there was a problem with my sewer line it was clog up, so he dig up my front yard and fixed Whatever he needed to(not sure what he did), but now I’m having the same problem and it’s frustrating because I have spent a lot of money on this problem. Can any plumber figure out what the problem might be?

The problem that keep happing- when I use my upstairs bathroom water come out of my basement sink and flood my basement and also feces are coming out of the sink. 

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  • John
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    I'm not that kind of plumber but I do some work. I'm a homeowner, more importantly. You have a serious problem, which you know. First is to try to get some relief from the plumber who "fixed it" but didn't actually  fix it.

    Next is to stop guessing. Get a drain company that will put a video camera through your pipes to find out what the problem actually is, before you do any more digging.

    The drain water is going down the pipe past where your downstairs sink enters it. There is a backup somewhere down there so when it stops up your downstairs sink is the lowest point for the water.

    Clearly you can ignore the get a better sink guy. Get a pro with video and find out what is happening. It is common equipment these days.

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  • 1 month ago

    get a sink with a drain hole towards the top.....cant overflow

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  • Rick
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    1 month ago

    IF the house was correctly plumbed per the code, sounds like you do have a problem in the sewer line outside the house .........

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